Emma Roberts Talks About Her Mom Spilling Pregnancy News

Emma Roberts opened up about her pregnancy and her recent tiff with her mother. Kelly Cunningham let out the news of her daughter being pregnant and the two had been on opposite ends for a while.

In a recent interview with ET, Emma talked about how her mother revealed via an Instagram post that she and boyfriend, Garett Hedlund were expecting. Kelly is attracting a lot of attention despite Emma blocking her on social media. However, the expecting mom says her mother has no intention of slowing down.

The actress joked that her mother cannot be stopped and that she is getting more followers and many texts. She revealed the story about her mother letting the cat out of the bag by confirming rumors about her pregnancy. The star revealed during Jimmy Kimmel Live as she was promoting her romantic comedy, Holidate.

“We kind of laughed. We kind of got into a fight. I blocked her at one point,” Emma said during her Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance, adding that it’s a “good story to tell the baby.” However, the actress’s mom thinks that she owes an apology because it ended up being a great story to tell her kids one day.

Emma also revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live how she and Garett are going to pick a name for their baby boy. The actress shared that she initially thought she will have a girl and she was so convinced that she told her boyfriend that he can choose the name if it’s a boy.

Emma And Garett Have A Name For Their Baby Boy

The actress explained, “Meanwhile being like, it’s a girl, who cares? Now I get to name it. Then when we found out, he was like, ‘Oh yeah, so you said I get to name it!’ And I was like, ‘I did say that, didn’t I? So funny that I said that.'”

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However, Garett did end up choosing a name for the couple’s first baby. Emma revealed that he tried to play very hard to get about the names. She explained that she told him he can tell her when he wants to name their baby. The actress said he was tight-lipped about it but he chose a name and it was good.

However, she expressed her displeasure as well and said, “All of mine, got vetoed for various reasons, which I’m very upset about.” Emma’s new rom-com, Holidate will release on October 28 only on Netflix.

The actress took to her Instagram to confirm the news and also reveal the gender of the baby. She showed off her baby bump and captioned the image, “Me…and my two favorite guys.” Emma shared two pictures, one with her glowing with her baby bump as she is sitting on the couch. In the other picture, she is accompanied by her boyfriend and baby daddy in the same setting.

Emma and Garett have not yet revealed the due date of their baby boy. During a few of the actresses ‘ recent outings, she strategically hid her bump from the media.

Emma’s Dating History

The 29-year-old actress is expecting her first child with her boyfriend. Emma is the niece of Julia Roberts. Garrett and Emma were first speculated to be dating when they were spotted on a date in Los Angeles, last March.

Emma, 35, broke up with her on and off fiance, Evan Peters, last year, after dating him for seven years. She later moved on with her current boyfriend, Garrett.

A source revealed that it was not a bad breakup. Both Emma and Evan are said to be on good terms. The couple started seeing each other back in 2012. They were working together in Adult World and went on to share the screen for four seasons.

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Meanwhile, Garrett was dating Kirsten Dunst. They broke up after dating for four years in 2016. Kirsten is now engaged to Jesse Plemons. Garrett acted in films like Mudbound (2017), Unbroken (2014), and Triple Frontier which came out last year.


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