Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Reunite For a ‘50 First Dates’ 2020 Reboot, On ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’

“The Drew Barrymore Show” is off with a nostalgic start. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler virtually reunited to reprise their iconic roles as Lucy and Henry for a 2020 reboot of their 2004 fan favorite, “50 First Dates.”

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Barrymore and Sandler, who portrayed the lovebirds in the beloved 2004 romantic comedy, reunited for a special segment on the premiere of the actress’ new weekday CBS talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show.

In the 2004 rom-com, Sandler, played Henry Roth, a veterinarian who meets and falls in love with Lucy Whitmore (Barrymore). Only to discover, she can’t remember anything that happened the day before, due to her short term memory loss. So every morning, Henry embarks on wooing Lucy all over again in a taped video he makes for her to remind her of who he is and what they are to each other.

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“We are on, I think, about our 5,000th date together”

On Monday, for the first episode of her talk show, Drew Barrymore reunited with her longtime co-star Adam Sandler for a hilarious sketch that gave fans a glimpse into what a reboot of their hit 2004 film would look like today, in 2020.

Lucy wakes up, to find a tape titled “Good Morning, Lucy” which she slid into a VHS player. Appearing on the screen as Henry, Sandler recounts what has happened over the last 16 years.

“Hi, Lucy, good morning. It’s me, Henry,” he said. “We are on, I think, about our 5,000th date together. It’s been great. I’m going to catch you up. You have a thing called amnesia, I am your husband. We have a daughter. She’s about 40 now,” says Henry. “I know it’s bananas, but I’m not done yet.”

The actor then proceeds to inform Barrymore about what’s been going on with coronavirus pandemic currently. “It’s 2020, and we’re also in the middle of a pandemic, which is a terrible thing,” he continues before noting that most sporting events no longer have people in the stands. “Baseball games are now being played in front of cardboard people.”


“It sounds kind of like you’re making this up,” Lucy, (Barrymore) replies in disbelief looking at the TV. Towards the end of the sketch, Fans are also greeted with a surprise cameo by Ten-Second Tom (Allen Covert), who forgets everything 10 seconds after learning it. “Lucy’s got her own show now? That’s great,” he says before adding, “Who’s Lucy? And why is everyone outside wearing a mask?”

“You’re going to make people so happy, every day, every time they see you. You are magic”

Sandler then eventually proceeds to breaks character, in order to congratulate his longtime friend and co-star Barrymore on her new show. “Drew, in all seriousness though, I wanted to just tell you this. I could not be more excited for you. You have your own show now,” the 54-year-old actor excitedly says. “You’re going to make people so happy, every day, every time they see you. You are magic,” he continued, praising Barrymore. “The whole world feels it and I’m lucky that I know you so well.”


Smiling, Barrymore replied saying, “I can’t think of any endeavor that I’d ever wanna do without you, Adam, so thanks and I love you.”

Sandler and Barrymore first starred together in the 1998 rom com, The Wedding Singer, which remains Sandler’s highest-rated comedy. The duo’s terrific and easygoing chemistry would also go on to work it’s charm through their next two collaborations. Which obviously includes 50 First Dates and 2014’s Blended, which grossed $127 million globally.

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A ‘Charlie’s Angles‘ reunion, and chatting with Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron

Sandler wasn’t the only nostalgic throwback on the show. Barrymore also reconnected with her Charlie’s Angels co-stars, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, nearly 20 years after the film’s release.

“We have experienced life, love, death, birth, loss, gain and I thought who else better to do that with than two women I have been doing that with for 20 years,” Barrymore says of the actresses.

The new talk show host also chats with fellow Actresses, Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron on her premiere episode.

“For someone who grew up in Hollywood, I don’t hang out with fabulous people. I’m not out at dinner parties and events,” Barrymore recently confessed. “I am just as excited to meet and speak with these people as if I wasn’t in this industry.”

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“The Drew Barrymore Show” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


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