Dre Medici’s Tips to Building An Elite Brand/Business That Can Start Making You 6-7 Figures A Year! News

Dre Medici’s Tips to Building An Elite Brand/Business That Can Start Making You 6-7 Figures A Year!

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Time icon August 25, 2020

Dre Medici is no typical 20 year old, in fact, Dre falls into the top 1% when it comes to success for his age bracket. Over the past few years, Dre has taken on many ventures from his success Workout Meal Plan Business to creating one of the most dominant Instagram agencies out there called Grow with Us Agency. The savvy entrepreneur has managed to take his skills with a single platform (Instagram) and monetize his brand from scratch, while helping thousands of people do their same for their personal brand or business. These are his tips for helping you do the same. 

How & When Did Dre Start Creating Businesses on Instagram

Dre first began making money on Instagram while he was still in high school, the first business he ever took to 6 figures was known as WOMP (Workout – Meal-Plan). Dre grew this business, by building an elite & professional presence on Instagram, delivering the best results to all his clients, and then driving traffic to his page using hundreds of promoters he hired worldwide. Dre had set up everything to run perfectly on Instagram & truly mastered the in and outs of leading a successful business on Instagram. 

Overtime, Dre kept growing this business & also building his personal brand (which he also focuses on teaching today). As Dre grew his brand, his reputation, and credibility everything in his life changed. Simply, because he took action on building a name for himself. 

From seeing the massive success of his first small venture, Dre knew he had to teach this one day, and that’s where Grow With Us Agency came around. Since he started his agency, Dre has launched several 6-7 figure successful businesses/companies under Grow With Us Agency while also helping thousands of businesses take their Instagram & Income to the next level!

Dre’s Instagram Domination Formula 

When it comes to starting an online business or let alone selling any kind of product, the biggest thing that holds most people/businesses back is carrying the mindset of “why would anyone want to buy from me?”. According to Dre that is the biggest obstacle he sees in most beginning entrepreneurs or any new businesses on Instagram, so Dre created a way around that hurdle. Through trial and Error, both Dre and his team have been able to establish a strategy that once implemented will make anyone want to buy from you. 

The strategy involves a lot of key factors including being able to present more value than your competition, high quality content, credibility, luxury branding, and an overall elite page. With this, anybody who comes across your page will have a high percentage of following you, becoming a fan of you or your business, and potentially buying from you!

Dre, can proudly say that he, alongside his partner Arthur Caravellas and the rest of the team, have helped 1,000+ people transform their income and entire life all through Instagram. 

Why Go With Dre’s ‘Grow With Us Agency’?

Dre believes that if you’re starting a business or trying to make money away from a 9-5, you MUST come to him before trying to start on your own.

Why? Because Dre has proven his success and thousands of others who have come to him for help in this industry. Dre consistently preaches working with someone who has the answers. Why try to go through a long hard route with not much success, vs being able to invest in someone who has already done everything you want to achieve. 

It’s like heading for a trip that’s 5+ hours away and you’ve never gone before, and trying to make it there without Google Maps or someone providing the exact answers on how to get there. You’re going to waste valuable time, get lost, and drive yourself crazy. 

Dre has helped hundreds of people with all different passions, purposes, and Industries master the guaranteed formula to start making thousands per month from anywhere in the world, with no boss. Dre & the team at Grow With Us Agency guide their clients step by step on how to have an elite presence on Instagram & in your industry. From walking you through how to set up your username, bio, story highlights, and content to teaching you how to bring in hundreds of people into your business!

No matter if you’re a complete beginner, start up, or established business – Dre & the Grow With Us Agency Team have proven they can help you reach the NEXT LEVEL!

Want to know what the NEXT LEVEL looks like?

Go checkout @dremedici on Instagram, his partner @arthurcaravellas, and all their client and success stories in their story highlights!

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