Dr. Shim Ching on How to Lead The Cosmetic Surgery Market

Dr. Shim Ching is one of Hawaii’s most successful plastic surgeons. Here in Honolulu, he expertly serves the diverse aesthetic needs of locals from Hawaii and individuals who travel from around the world for his services. Whether you’re interested in restoring a youthful head of hair, enhancing your natural contours or refining your facial features, his extensive training and surgical talent can get you there.

The increasing demand for minimally invasive cosmetic surgery is one of the critical factors that will drive the cosmetic surgery market. Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures use approaches that result in less recovery for patients, while still offering excellent outcomes.  For example, surgeons are adopting endoscopic surgery through tiny openings instead of the conventional larger incisions for facial rejuvenation and breast augmentation procedures.

Laser technique is another advanced minimally invasive technology in cosmetic surgery. These procedures can cause less pain and recovery than traditional methods. Such benefits encourage more people to opt for cosmetic surgeries as they can fit into their busy lifestyles.

Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine that focuses on enhancing the appearance of an individual through surgical and non-surgical procedures. Cosmetic surgery is performed in various areas of the human body, such as the head, neck, and body.

Dr. Shim Ching says, “The industry is focusing on developing new technologies to shorten recovery and improve results for patients.  A good example is laser liposuction, where body fat is melted and removed in a liquid form to reduce pain and recovery after surgery. Also, the introduction of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures, such as energy based devices and advanced dermal fillers, have dramatically improved results and shortened downtime.  We look forward to better technology in the future that will allow plastic surgeons to provide more natural and even better outcomes for their patients.”

The cosmetic implant industry is also witnessing numerous technological advancements. Surgeons are selecting customized implants to achieve their patients’ needs by selecting from a wide range of implant sizes, styles, and materials.  This allows surgeons and patients to achieve more natural results and produce cosmetic enhancements without an artificial appearance. The future will be in bioengineered, bespoke implants that will look and feel completely natural and be perfectly tailored to a patient’s concerns.   These technological innovations will fuel the rapid growth of cosmetic surgery and lead the field of plastic surgery into a new era.