Dr Disrespect Responds To Fan Who Claimed That His Merch Was Of ‘Garbage Quality’

Dr Disrepsect is one of the most popular streamers on YouTube. His fan following is huge and he is known for super fun and entertaining streams.

However, Dr Disrespect is also famous for his outspoken and bold attitude. He does not resist anything that he feels and speaks everything openly. One example could be when Dr Disrespect roasted a fan and yelled at him when the fan complained that his stream intros are very lengthy.

‘Get This Guy Out’

Recently, another fan commented on Dr Disrespect’s stream complaining about the quality of the merc that the streamer sells. The fan said that he was ‘very disappointed in his VSM merch quality’.

“I’m super disappointed in my VSM merch quality,” the comment read. “I paid $250 for two sweaters and they are garbage quality.”

After reading this, Dr Disrespect held no emotions back and lashed out at the fan for ‘lying and spreading a conspiracy.’

“First off, you’re lying, because you’re just a baby Champions Club member who just joined,” he said. Now you’re trying to spread some sort of conspiracy in the chat. The VSM merch quality… There’s a reason why all of them are sold out. So first off you’re f**king lying. Second off, never heard that feedback ever regarding our merchandise.”

Dr Disrespect also said to ‘get this guy out of the arena’ and jumped back into playing Call of Duty: Vanguard.

He also backed his claim by saying that his VSM merch has “some of the tippity-top quality in the entire industry.”

Dr Disrespect At Halo Infinite Preview Event

Dr Disrespect also took part in the multiplayer preview event of Halo Infinite and has got a lot to say about the game.

Dr Disrespect played Halo Infinite for several hours and said that the game ‘feels good’. However, there is one thing that made him feel ‘empty’ while playing the game.

“I mean, when I’m playing it, I got this empty feeling of playing it,” he said. 

“There’s like this energy around the game when I’m playing, it’s weird. It just feels like it’s low. Like, the hype, the energy, you don’t feel it, man.”

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