Dr Disrespect Accuses Twitch Of Defaming Him

Dr Disrespect, who now exclusively streams on YouTube was once one of the most well-known and biggest assets of the Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch.

The streamer was permanently banned from Twitch and the reason behind his indefinite suspension is still not known. Dr Disrespect as now claimed that the permanent ban of his channel on Twitch has caused ‘insane defamation’ to his image and he is pursuing the matter in court by filing a lawsuit against the company.

What Did Dr Disrespect Say?

He said that the ban had also made him lose a lot of money and earnings. In his November 12 stream on YouTube, Dr Disrespect dived deeper on the topic and got candid about the whole issue.

He revealed that he was shadow banned by EA. He

“There’s a reason why Activision doesn’t do a Call of Duty partner [stream],” he said. “All of the stuff we did with EA, y’know. The connections. The relationships we had built over the years…”

“So much defamation related to the ban that we’ve had to deal with, it’s insane. To not be involved with the Battlefield launch. First off, it’s been a year and a half. EA – don’t be pathetic. You’re talking about the two-time, back to back. I’m looking at trophies right over my left shoulder.

“Don’t be so pathetic and scared to death, holy s**t. It’s embarrassing.”

Outspoken And Straight Forward

Dr Disrespect holds a reputation of being an outspoken streamer and saying directly what’s on his mind. Recently, he slammed a viewer who said that his merch was of ‘garbage quality’.

“I’m super disappointed in my VSM merch quality,” the comment read. “I paid $250 for two sweaters and they are garbage quality.”

After reading this, Dr Disrespect held no emotions back and lashed out at the fan for ‘lying and spreading a conspiracy.’

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