Dr Ambrish Vijayakar’s Predictive Homeopathy Goes Across Borders. Read His Story Here!

The main role of doctors is to curb all diseases permanently. One such person who has taken this responsibility to cure minds and keep the people away from diseases is Dr Ambrish Vijayakar, a Predictive Homeopathy practitioner who started practising at a very young age. This form of homeopathy was coined by his father Prafull Vijayakar in 1970 and it attempts to understand the basic constitution of the patient and uses the same as the basis of prescribing. With his expertise and vast knowledge in homeopathy, Dr Vijayakar has rightly made the aspiring homeopaths understand how important homeopathy is in today’s time.

With more than 30 clinics in India, he plans to expand more Predictive Homeopathy centres in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. He has made many people aware and educated them about homeopathy by his seminars in different parts of India including Chattisgarh, Punjab, Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Besides this, his seminars have also gone beyond borders and have been conducted in countries like the UK, USA and Brazil. Expanding the scope of Predictive Homeopathy on a global level, the doctor has treated deadly diseases like cancer and tumour through his homeopathic procedures.

Dr Ambrish has been delivering his speech on Predictive Homeopathy in Germany for the last 7 years. His only goal is to make Predictive Homeopathy the first choice of treatment by mid-2020. The doctor is also the founder trustee of HRDF (Homoeopathic Research and Development Foundation) which has the tagline “Hope for the Hopeless”, a social media initiative by Predictive Homeopathy backed by Dr Prafull Vijayakar for the underprivileged children. In his career of almost 15 years, Dr Vijayakar has taken homeopathy across borders which have helped many patients get cured through and live a life free from diseases.