Dominic West’s Wife Catherine FitzGerald Wants To Leave Him

Dominic West’s wife is rumored to be leaving him after pictures of him with Lily James went viral. The actor was spotted with the Rebecca actress in Rome and was seen kissing her last month.

Friends of the actor have claimed that his wife, Catherine FitzGerald is completely devastated after the public display of affection went viral. She is also devastated by the situation they are in because she is still mad about the incident. The sources also reveal that Catherine is tired of being an actor’s wife.

She shares four children with the actor and is tired of everything that comes with being the actor’s wife. A friend informed DailyMail, “He lives this other life where he’s away at least half the year and she and the kids are waiting for him.” The source further shared how she is living in a house in England for his career. However, the friend said if anyone knows her would know she would rather be home in Ireland.

The insider also shared the pictures of Dominic in Rome show how separate their lives have become. “Catherine is still mad about Dominic but it’s plainly not working. She’s been humiliated. Painful as it is, this looks like it could be the time to leave him,” the friend shared.

Sources also revealed that she has been listening to her sisters about the matter. Another source revealed Catherine is still at the castle and saw it hard to turn back around in their relationship. Both she and Dominic had taken over the castle two years ago and transformed it into a boutique. It was rented last Christmas by Taylor Swift.

“It’s A Huge Thing To Be Coming To Terms With”

According to sources, Catherine is determined to make the Glin Castle a successful business. “Dominic’s poured hundreds of thousands into it but she thinks she can make a living out of it.” Reports suggested previously that Catherine was keen on preparing to end her relationship with Dominic.

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It was also reported that the actor had confessed to his feelings for Lily. However, the couple had staged photos with each other after the scandal. They put out the message of their marriage still being strong and that they are still very much together.

A source revealed previously, “At first it seemed as though the whole thing was just a one-off but Catherine has since said it’s become obvious it was more than that. Catherine feels crushed by it, naturally. It’s a huge thing to be coming to terms with.”


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