Doctor And Businesswoman Mahsa Nejati Shares How Travel Brings Creativity To Her Life News

Doctor And Businesswoman Mahsa Nejati Shares How Travel Brings Creativity To Her Life

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November 16, 2019

There are many interests a person develops while working. These interests perhaps change into professions. Mahsa Nejati grew up in an environment where education had been of utmost importance. Born in the Azerbaijan region of Iran, her father was the director and rector of regional universities in the province and mother was a lecturer. Unfortunately, after the revolution of 1979, her parents were laid off from their positions after the formation of the new government. With having a tough phase, the time passed and her sister who was studying in a university in Sweden saw the family moving to Sweden. However, Mahsa moved to London when she was 23 and has been there for more than 10 years now.

At a very early age, Mahsa discovered her interest in medical science; thanks to her sister’s influence. Following her sister’s footsteps, she decided to become a dental surgeon and pursued the course from Gothenburg University. In the same campus, she found her love who is her hubby now. With the couple living together now, Nejati is a part-time clinic practitioner and has her major goal to run a business of clinics specialized in oral care solutions. Besides this, her latest interest is in property development and she is constantly concentrating on every property in Central London. Mahsa is surely polishing her entrepreneurial skills and is learning the fundamentals of business. By New Year, the couple intends to launch a fashion company and it is currently in the research stage.

Speaking about how she balances her work life and social life, she said, “I don’t think I always manage it. There are times when I realize that I need to work flat out on the business side of things. Yet at the same time, I am someone who loves to go out – whether it’s to restaurants or parties or whatever. One of the reasons I like to get out and about is that I think it’s essential not to become hermetically sealed in your own small world. I get influenced and inspired every day by the places I visit and people I meet.” The most common thing between this couple is the fact that they love travelling. She believes that staying in one place encourages monotony. “Travel helps you reconnect. It also gives you new perspectives and insights. Some of my most interesting conversations have been with complete or virtual strangers. I love that”, she stated.

Being a wanderlust, her favourite destinations during the summer season are South of France, Amalfi coast and the isle of Capri. Interestingly, Capri happens to be a special place for her as her husband proposed to her there. During winters, the couple loves to enjoy skiing and enjoy their time in the European resorts majorly in the Swiss and French Alps. Telling us the best thing about travelling, Mahsa said, “One thing I love about travel is that it really seems to spark off new ideas. If I wanted to ensure that people were creative, I’d advise them to take a holiday.” We are totally sure that she gets new entrepreneurial ideas during her vacay time. To grow her business, Mahsa Nejati has set a lot of short-term and long-term goals which she is achieving one after the other. Positivity and happiness while working are what she believes in and that’s what has helped her in becoming a successful woman today.