Divinaa Thackur talks about her latest web series, upcoming projects and more

The Malayalam actress Divinaa Thackur is slowly making her way into the hearts of the audience of the nation. With her latest release Who’s Your Daddy, she’s now a part of the ALTBalaji family as well. In a conversation with us, she talks about her journey, her web series and much more. Following are the excerpts from the conversation:

  • You have done journalism but now you’re pursuing acting as a profession. Why the switch and when did you realize that you want to do acting?

I always wanted to be an actor ever since I grew my senses for achieving goals and dreams. I come from a renowned journalist family and I was always fed to first finish the academics and then pursue my acting profession. However, I’m very aggressive when it comes to my art so after finishing my first year of college I switched to distance degree course. The acting was never a switch for me, it was always there in my mind.

  • Tell us something about your latest release – Who’s Your Daddy.

Who’s your daddy is an exciting show filled with laughter and emotions. I was excited to be a part of this script from the day one I met my director and creative. It’s a complete package of family drama, love, lust, friendship and enmity. I have immense gratitude for the audience and the industry for showing so much warmth And love for the show despite the hard forestall quarantine situation. I am constantly receiving appreciation for the acting and how the story really grows the audience with its intriguing writing.

  • Which space excites you more when it comes to working – the big screen (films) or the digital space (web series)?

Honestly, I feel the same space for both the medium. Shooting for web or movie is the same thing. Web shows have immensely coped with their budget also. Both the mediums require almost the same time period to finish the job, an actor has an elbow room to play various characters. Only the reach varies. But if we specifically talk about the space believe me or not, I enjoy both the spaces.

  • Who is your favourite director or which directly you really wish to work with?

In Bollywood, I really really look forward to work with Zoya Akhtar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Because I really like the way they define their female characters and how beautifully they showcase the actress. They bring out the innocence from the actresses effortlessly.

  • Would you like to share something about your future projects?

I am a part of the famous Bahubali Netflix series, I play a very important role and the character is absolutely glamorous and gorgeous. Currently, I am working on a Kannada project to be director my Pawan Wadeyar opposite Telugu actor Ishan. In this movie, I play a very diva-like character someone like Deepika Padukone from the Cocktail movie. We have completed 90 per cent of the shoot but due to the lockdown, the project is on hold.