Digital Entrepreneur & SaaS Expert Udit Goenka changes the way businesses seek growth

Udit Goenka is the Founder & CEO of PitchGround dba. Little SaaS, Inc., a SaaS market place is helping new tech companies to connect with early adopters. In the last 22 months, PitchGround has helped over 25+ companies to generate over $2.5M in revenue, enabling them to build a better-bootstrapped company. Before PitchGround, Udit was also a part of several other profitable ventures from which he made a successful exit.

SaaS (software as a service) is an incredibly lucrative business. However, if you’re just entering this industry, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. Even if you have an ingenious software that solves a common problem, your product won’t sell itself. You have to put in the work and have a thoughtful approach to selling SaaS. Udit has been working on another piece of software for the last two years known as FunnelBake for salespeople and enables them to have the right platform they need to close better and faster.

Digital Entrepreneur Udit Goenka talks loud about education-first approach. He says, “As a new company, it can be easy to get caught up with the internal operations of your industry. While perfecting your software will improve sales, it’s often not enough on its own. Use this guide to improve your SaaS sales process. Elevate your business to the next level by adding a personalized touch to each sale you make.”

He help creators, agencies, solopreneurs, and businesses to grow their online business with the help of software and the Education-First Driven approach. He believes that education should be free, software should be affordable, and easily accessible. When you combine them both, it creates a wealth of opportunities for everyone.

After gaining immense experience in the field of online entrepreneurship and SaaS, Udit is now focusing to teach others how to discern between good advice, and false narratives. To truly make an impact, his team behind PitchGround has assembled together what we call an Education-First approach to educate the online businesses and help them with affordable software solutions, which earlier has been very expensive otherwise.

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