Did YouTuber Dream Rig The Latest Minecraft Mob Vote? News

Did YouTuber Dream Rig The Latest Minecraft Mob Vote?

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October 17, 2021

YouTuber Dream who has more than 26 million subscribers has been accused of rigging the latest Minecraft mob vote. However, is it really true? Or are these just rumors? Let’s find out.

Dream is one of the most influential Minecraft gamers on the planet. He is well-known for his Minecraft gameplays and his Dream SMP which also houses many other popular content creators.

The Background

This year when Minecraft revealed that a new mob vote will be done to decide about the addition of a new mod in the game, Dream joked that he would rig the vote. This prompted a barrage of criticism and accusations against the YouTuber.

Dream then took to his official Twitter handle and wrote the following:

“As much as it is funny to joke about people getting deathly mad at a block game, I won’t be advocating for any mob as I understand why some people would be upset with me jokingly influencing the vote last year.”

But this didn’t really help him as netizens planned to mass report him on different platforms on the day of the mob vote. On 16th October when the mob vote was over, people still had doubts that Dream influenced the vote.

Did Dream Rig The Vote?

A lot of TikToks and Tweets are going viral that claim Dream to have rigged the vote. However, Dream has now come out clean and gave his response to the accusers.

“I was literally suspended on Twitter for 24 hours and then didn’t tweet anything during the entire mob vote day and there’s still TikTok’s with hundreds of thousands of [likes] saying I rigged the vote again,” he said, alongside a meme.

Loyal fans continued supporting the YouTuber and asked him to ignore the haters. Thus, we can say that while Dream did have the intention of rigging the mob vote, he did not actually do so.

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