Demi Lovato Was Raped In Her Teenage Years, Reveals Her New Documentary News

Demi Lovato Was Raped In Her Teenage Years, Reveals Her New Documentary

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Time icon March 18, 2021

Demi Lovato said she was raped at a young age while working for Disney Channel.

The 28-year-old revealed in her documentary Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil that the man did not face the consequences after she came public.

The artist does not say who did it, only that she “had to see this person all the time” afterwards.

‘My Me-Too Story’

Radio 1 Newsbeat contacted Disney Channel for comment.

The documentary was shown at the South by Southwest virtual festival.

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“My MeToo story is me telling somebody that someone did this to me and they never got in trouble for it,” says Demi Lovato in it, according to Variety’s review.

“I’ve just kept it quiet because I’ve always had something to say, and I’m tired of opening my mouth.”

YouTube docuseries is covering issues in Demi Lovato’s life such as trauma, addiction and her return to drug addiction in 2018.

The Incident And After-Math

She speaks about her alleged rape saying: “We were hooking up but I said – hey, this is not going any farther.

“And that didn’t matter to them, they did it anyway. And I internalized it and I told myself it was my fault because I still went in the room with him.”

She says she suffered from self-harm, and went through bulimia nervosa disorder.

In the series, she also mentions the “engagement ring” worn by other young stars including her and Jonas Brothers, as a commitment to sex only after marriage.

Demi Lovato says her engagement to Max Ehrich was 'false advertising'

“So what, I’m supposed to come out to the public after saying I have a promise ring? Six months later, I’m supposed to say, well I had sex, even though it was rape? Some people aren’t going to see it that way.”

I Had Five To Ten Minutes More

The series also shows the damage Demi’s drug addiction caused to 2018. She was taken to the hospital after being found unconscious at her home in Los Angeles.

“My doctors said I had another five to ten minutes.”

After suffering three strokes and a heart attack, she had previously said that she was “left with a brain injury and I still feel the effects of it”.

Those results include blurred vision which means she can’t drive and makes learning difficult.

A few weeks before the incident, she released a song titled Sober, in which she revealed that after six years of self-denial: “I’m not sober anymore.”


Demi has previously been open about her struggles with addiction and bulimia, including in her 2017 YouTube Originals documentary Simply Complicated.

She re-launched her singing career at last year’s Grammy Awards and sang the national anthem at the 2020 Super Bowl.

In January, she sang on a TV special which marked US President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil will appear on YouTube from 23 March.

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