Dawood Ahmed: Rising entrepreneur of India, making his name count in the world of Shoe market

Dawood Ahmed comes from a Muslim-Punjabi family. He belongs to a reputed family who has served people irrespective of their caste and religion for years.
Dawood Ahmed is a big follower of his Father and his Grandfather; he says they are his biggest Inspiration.

Born with a silver spoon doesn’t mean you can take life easily and has its own couple of challenges. Dawood Ahmed is earning his way to the top by polishing his expertise and working hard on his dreams. Dawood completed his education in Agra then he moved to England for further studies he was there from 2010 to 2015. 

In England also he was the famous name all thanks to his fantastic looks. He was named as the face of oxford in 2012 by public voting. He modelled for top British modelling agencies like LA mode and Paparazzi Magazine in London and made his way up by his hardworking nature. Not only has he succeeded in the world of fashion but has also worked hard with a few event management companies in England.

Dawood Ahmed has also featured on the Instagram page of Being Human clothing not once but three times. After England, he shifted to Italy in 2016 for a Shoe designing course from ARS Sutoria University. He is a PRO shoe Designer and export Merchandiser of India. 

Many hold the Shoe business, but they don’t produce or design. Dawood Ahmed comes in very few Indias who designs shoes. As an Entrepreneur, he feels it his duty to look for his team, which he calls as his family. More than 800 people are working under him, and he feels good by guiding them on how to improve in life.

Due to his work, he travels a lot to Most of the European. Countries to participate in fairs like the Expo Riva Schuh and Micam shoe fairs and to England for his constant meetings with his buyers and other representatives in order to expand his business and production.

Dawood Ahmed is going to open a new company name Dee Enterprise. This company of his will help source/import raw materials at cheaper rates and provide it to all the companies in Agra. Dawood is part of Leather Societies like AFMEC (Agra Footwear Manufacturers and Exporters Chamber). AFMEC helps young entrepreneurs to work on their dreams. other than his Shoe Business, he loves Sports cars, and he is a big fan of Soccer. He has also participated in a summer training camp organised by the Manchester United Soccer Club.

Dawood Ahmed’s dream is to open a charitable hospital in his Grandmother’s name where people get free medical services; it will be mainly for poor people. He also wants to try his luck in the world of Textile and give the best designer clothes not just in India but all over the world.

Here’s wishing Dawood Ahmed all the best for his future venture. We hope he makes his name count in the world as an Entrepreneur and make India Proud with his work.