David Schwimmer talks Friends Reunion and Lack of representation News

David Schwimmer talks Friends Reunion and Lack of representation

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Time icon July 8, 2020

HBO Max first announced plans for the Friends Reunion, an unscripted special, which will look back on the iconic show, back in February. All the original cast members, Schwimmer, Jennifer Anniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry were confirmed to participate.

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However, initial plans to launch it in May were thrown into jeopardy due to the coronavirus crisis. The show has now been rescheduled to shoot in August. The cast will need to undergo tests for the virus before they are allowed on set.

“It’s going to be a really meaningful experience”

Actor David Schwimmer, famous for playing the character Ross Geller on the beloved sitcom for 10 years, is assuring fans it will all be worth the wait. In a recent interview, Schwimmer noted that getting back on set with his former co-stars would be a highlight. “I guess what I’m honestly most looking forward to is just being in the room with those other five actors. It’s five, right?” he said with a laugh, adding, “That was a joke.”


David got a bit nostalgic when he got to thinking about returning to the Warner Bros. studio. ‘Being on the actual sound stage, on the actual set for the first time in 10 years. The set that we shot on for 10 years. That to me is going to be a really meaningful experience,’ the actor confessed.

What Jen and Lisa have to say

Co-star, Jennifer Anniston, who played his love interest, Rachel on the show, shared his sentiments on Variety’s Actors on Actors segment. “I think it’s gonna be really fun also if we ever get out of quarantine and get to do our reunion show.”

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Anniston was joined by Lisa Kudrow who portrayed the eccentric Phoebe. Like her Friends co-stars, Lisa Kudrow has also been excited about reuniting 16-years after the show’s finale aired May 6, 2004. “Yes, that will be really great,” Kudrow said. “ I really can’t wait to do that. We don’t know everything about it. I think we’re meant to be surprised by some things as well.”

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Potential Release Date

And as coronavirus continues to delay production of many television and film projects, Schwimmer confessed that he has “no idea” when they will be able to film the much anticipated Reunion special. “I can tell you that we are hoping to shoot [the reunion] in August. In mid-August. But honestly, we will do it when it’s safe,” he explained. David added, “There has always been a hope that a component of that reunion show will have a live audience. Which makes the whole thing really tricky. We are obviously not going to risk anyone’s health by doing this.”

Discussing Lack of Diversity on the show

Friends has gained generations of fans throughout its run, however it has come under fire from millennials for its lack of diversity. David Schwimmer addressed the issue, asserting that not enough was done on the sitcom to represent people of all backgrounds.

“It felt wrong that there was not enough representation on the show,” the actor said.

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Friends, which is undoubtedly, one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, featured predominantly white characters during its 10-season run. Schwimmer explained that he specifically tried to surround his own character, a divorced paleontologist, with all kinds of people.

The 53-year-old actor even added that he “really felt like Ross should date other people, women of all races.” Ross dated quite a few girls throughout the course of the show. Apart from his off-again-on-again relationship with Jennifer Anniston’s character, Rachel Green, Ross dated Julie in season 2. Julie was played by Asian American actress, Lauren Tom. He even courted Charlie, played by African American actress, Aisha Tyler, in seasons 9 and 10.


“Friends was doing some incredible things,”

Schwimmer, however, applauded the series for pushing the boundaries surrounding conversations about sex and sexuality at the time.

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“Friends was doing some incredible things,” he told the outlet. “If you remember the pilot, my character was losing his wife to a woman. The way they portrayed gay marriage on the show and how we as a family made it work, I thought was great.”

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