Creative Activation Institute’s Creative Thinking Workshop Will Change Your Life

What do Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, and Sundar Pichai have in common? Of course, apart from being some of the richest human beings on earth, they are all creative minded individuals who constantly experiment new ways of doing things! And why is this important?

While some of the most successful businessmen on earth value creativity and stimulate their creative mind so often, why shouldn’t you? This is the open secret behind beating your competition in the business world! Any team that loses its creative spark is bound to lose its market share as well. It is as simple as that. So how do you manage to build that creative energy for better results in your professional life?

The answer to this is Creative Activation Institute. Founded by Sandy Parker, the institute is an excellent crash course provider in unleashing your creativity, capacity building, and eventually productivity. Creativity was ranked amongst the top 3 vital skills needed by professionals in 2020. 

Sandy Parker has been a Creativity Coach for 14 years and knows exactly what a person is lacking to reach their maximum creative potential. Her students also call her Sparky because she always ‘sparks’ the creative mind of the Creative workshop attendees and the results are often surprising. 

The Creativity Crash Course is a 2-hour session that Sandy Parker conducts on Zoom herself. The session is in English and the attendees are made to participate in fun, interactive, and exciting exercises that stimulate their brain and help them understand the right way to unleash the creative magician inside them. The crash course also provides a 7 principles of creative activation guide that is the icing on the cake!

The impact of the workshop continues after the course as well via the creative ideas that continue to generate in their minds. But who should ideally attend Creative Activation Institute’s workshops? While some companies prefer sending their senior executives to Sandy’s Creativity Crash Course workshop, it’s the employee at every level that can benefit from a creative culture. If you’re a teacher, an IT professional, scientist, writer, business person, artist, homemaker, or even a student, the crash course is going to change your life and it’s for you!

Still confused? You can book a 15 minute call with Sandy Parker and she will help you navigate how you might expand your capacity and receive the benefits.


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