COVID-19: Subhash Choudhary Sets An Example By Making A Large Donation For Healthcare Workers in Bihar

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading across at a very fast pace and the entire world is fighting against the deadly disease. In India, the positive cases of COVID-19 have crossed beyond 1,600 and the death toll has reached till 38. The 21-day lockdown has created an atmosphere of sheer silence in the country. The mass panic among everyone has seen the people flooding to grocery stores and supermarkets to stock their stuff. Amidst all of this, many stores have been left empty with having a shortage of utility goods. In such a crisis, entrepreneur, Subhash Choudhary has come out to help all the underprivileged people in this crisis. Hailing from Darbhanga, Bihar, Subhash was shocked to know about the shortage of utility goods over there.

Besides this, the entrepreneur was also astonished when he learnt that the primary healthcare hospitals were lacking basic critical items like masks, gloves and hand sanitizers for the doctors there. The number of positive cases in the state has reached 21 and in this situation with the healthcare centres running out of critical items will put the lives of everyone in danger including the doctors as well as the patients. To fight against the virus and being a true saviour in this crisis, Subhash has donated his one month salary for the poor and needy people in Bihar. Besides this, he has also raised additional rupees 2.5 Lakhs from friends & family to buy surgical masks, hand sanitisers, gloves, and thermometers for the medical professionals in the state of Bihar.

By making such a large donation, Subhash has set an example for others as well. When Subhash got to know about it, he immediately decided to make things available to the people at the earliest. “Merely talking on social media is of no point. I wanted other people to realize about the crisis so even they can join in the donation. I appreciate the people who have made their contributions. I understand that COVID-19 has seen many businesses crashing but those who are well to do should surely donate in any capacity”, he added. He believes that this is the time people must support each other and show that no virus is powerful than humanity in this world.