Coronavirus: UK Government unveils Action Plan

Cases of deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) have been reported in all four states of UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his government is committed to do everything possible to keep the country safe and better prepare for eventualities as the number of cases in the UK rose to 51.

UK Government has outlined an action plan to deal with a possible major coronavirus outbreak. Government will use its power to close schools, restrict the use of public transport and stop large gatherings, to protect people from infection. Government is further planning and to bring NHS staff out of retirement. Army will support emergency services, if required. Unnecessary travel could be curbed and people urged to work from home. Legislation will be introduced to ensure ministers have the powers to prepare for a widespread outbreak. It is now legal in England to isolate people against their wishes to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Cases of coronavirus reported in the UK (Source: Sky News)

NHS have already shared the public awareness information on virus. Thirty hospitals across the UK could set up designated wards to treat coronavirus patients, with routine treatments cancelled in the worst-case scenario of widespread transmission in the UK. Many of the patients contracted the virus abroad, in countries including Italy, Iran, China and France.