Content Creators, Rejoice! Moxy Management Makes Influencing a Profitable Career Path

Over the past decade, the meteoric rise of social media behemoths like TikTok and Instagram has likewise grown a novel new career path in tandem —  influencing. As the 21st century iteration of being a tastemaking socialite, influencers’ sponsored posts and brand partnerships can rake in high-profile users some serious cash, with highly followed figures like Kylie Jenner reportedly earning up to $1.2 million per post on the ‘gram. With the newfound advent of paid content platforms giving content creators an extra chance at turning their following into a lucrative asset, California-based influencer agency Moxy Management has arrived to help guide its social media models to the highest level of cross platform prosperity available, setting them up for life in the process.

Rather than identifying as a traditional talent management organization, Moxy extends the scope of its role beyond simply booking jobs and into a full-service agency to satisfy all of its clients’ needs. The comprehensive method begins with identifying its individual models’ own authentic voices and their subsequent core audience, with Moxy then encouraging its talent to communicate directly with their personal built-in fan bases to up engagement and bring their loyalty over to burgeoning new sites and paid platforms.

“Once you dive deep and discover what makes your influence unique, that’s where you’ll discover where your path as an influencer lies,” revealed the Moxy Management team. “This is why we focus so much on individuality at Moxy — because we know how important it is to stand out from the crowd.”

Likewise facilitating profitable partnerships and lucrative spon-con deals, Moxy builds up its specially curated roster of talent’s earnings up to new heights across all the facets of modern influencing. But where Moxy really amps things up is how it builds its clientele’s newly-earned bank balance into long-term, sustainable wealth through its range of financial services and business counsel, available at a moment’s notice to its board of models.

“Once you gain a substantial following, influencing becomes far more than just content creation,” added Moxy Management. “Suddenly, new influencers have to deal with tax hurdles, time management, public relations, brand deals, networking, and so much more that they may never have expected, much less prepared for. This is where we come in. With our hands-on approach and family-style office, we aim to make the transition into ‘influencership’ as seamless as possible.” 

“We cater our strategies to each client on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration their wants and needs, goals and aspirations,” the team went on to say. “We set them up with our in-house experts that guide them through anything business-related, connect them with our already established influencers to build their network, and advise them on any and all opportunities that get thrown their way, so that they can be certain they are making the best decisions for their future. We do our best to take care of any obstacles they may face so that they can dedicate themselves entirely to what they do best — create content.”

While the freshly discovered world of influencing may be overwhelming to newcomers, Moxy Management’s seasoned team and expertise-driven methodology helps make the transition into the full-time career as streamlined as possible, ultimately establishing its talents’ ever-increasing financial foundation and professional success for years to come.


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