Collectibles Aficionado JR Bissell Backs Up NFTs with Tangible Treasures News

Collectibles Aficionado JR Bissell Backs Up NFTs with Tangible Treasures

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October 26, 2021

Over the past decade, the average person’s chance to own major digital assets has skyrocketed, bolstered by the widespread popularity of cryptocurrency and its behind-the-scenes blockchain technology.  Non-fungible tokens (NFT), a new completely digital take on collector’s items, have likewise exploded in recent years, with NFT sales jumping from $250 million in 2020 up to a staggering $2 billion in the first quarter of 2021. But while owning an immortalized online version of something can be intriguing, many buyers would like a tangible representation to back it up. That’s where ancient artifact expert JR Bissell of Pirate Gold Coins comes into play, launching a series of NFTs to accompany his trove of shipwrecked treasures, all backed by the real physical asset.

Bissell has made a reputation of combining ancient and modern luxuries, such as displaying a 440 BC Egyptian gold coin that could acquire a 4000-man army inside a Bentley Continental. His latest muse follows this same style, listing ancient physical artifacts such as a Mosasaur Dinosaur Fossil as modern digital assets called NFT’s.

While traditional NFTs merely give the digital ownership of a collectible, Bissell’s approach takes things to the next level.  Buyers across the world can now own the rights to both the digital and physical version of Bissell’s expansive offerings — ranging from shipwrecked coins to dinosaur fossils to Egyptian hieroglyphics — while keeping the actual asset itself safe in Bissell’s vault.  Owners can later choose to send their token back to be burned, in exchange for the tangible artifact, which will then be sent to their very door. “At any point in time, the NFTs can be sent back to be burned, and we are able to ship you the physical artifact,” said Bissell. “All NFTs are 1-of-1 representations, of course, because they claim ownership of the physical piece itself; ours are the first to be backed by physical items.

In this same vein, Bissell aims to change his clientele’s point of view to begin looking at shipwrecked treasure (plus their matching NFTs) as more than just collectibles, but as a long term investment that appreciates value over time.

“Through the test of time, rarities last,” revealed Bissell. “I want to change the public’s perspective: treasure is not a luxury item, it’s an asset class. I think if you buy the right things, you will be really happy in 5 years when you’re looking at your portfolio.”

Bissell suggests investing in his pirate loot and ancient artifacts for this very same reason, touting its proven consistency over the centuries in holding value, unlike other forms of trendy forms of investment like stocks, cryptocurrency and other available NFTs.

“In this uncertain new market, I believe having NFTs backed by a physical artifact such as shipwreck treasure will add significant stability to the piece in the form of a safety net,” said Bissell. “The NFT will always be worth at least the price of the physical artifact, which remains very stable.”

Now, thanks to Bissell and Pirate Gold Coins, those looking to get in on the burgeoning NFT space can simultaneously own a piece of certified treasure in both the digital and physical realms, setting them up for future success in the years to come.

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