Climatic Extremes: Be ready for Summer 2020

Impact of climate change is worse than what explained and published by environment scientists. Wildfire in California, Amazon Forests of Brazil and recent forest fire in Australia are some of the examples of extreme events in recent years. This is happening all over the world. Recent publications in various environment and climate journals confirmed the direct links of changing climate with increased risk of dry spell and fire events which is being supported by high temperatures, low rain and humidity and stronger winds.

Satellite images of Australian wildfire

Australian forest fire is an eye-opening scenario for everyone. Scientists are still working to estimate the loss especially animal death and disturbance of biodiversity. The CALIPSO satellite showed that the fires have injected significant amounts of aerosol into the stratosphere (layer 14-17km). Extreme hot days in 2018 and 2019 in western Europe are another example of changing climate. Australia has already experienced its future, now its rest of the world turn. It is estimated through climatic models that summer 2020 would be much warmer than recent years.