Casting is an intricate job, says Casting Director Shiv Khanna

Getting a call from a director to find a correct choice for the roles is a regular thing of Shiv Khanna’s day to day schedule. The multi talented young man who dons the hat of actor model and entrepreneur too along with a casting director is a extremely known face of advertisement world. He is leading face of TV commercials of big brands Like ibibo, SpiceJet, Domino’s Pizza and many more .

Shiv Khanna is now a days busy with selection of cast of many feature films. On asking inspite of being an actor what drew him towards unrewarded and uncredited job of Casting Director, he says ‘ It is talent, I genuinely admire talented people and I like to help people in getting their goals. And that is the reason I started Khanna casting and Films.” Asking about what is the criteria that he looks in a person when he is taking auditions Shiv Khanna replies “ I prefer people who have done their homework well, people who pay attention and are ready to learn at every stage.”

The young man who is a very famous model and has played a small but very strong role in movie Paharganj  and founder of Khanna Casting & Films says “ lots and lots of people approach us for work but many of them are skeptical because of shady image of casting people , from your platform I wanted to inform them that In Khanna casting & Film only criteria is talent. We do not charge anything to struggling talent, we ensure that all the talent resourced through us gets best deals possible and also our valuable clients get best talent for their requirements.”

About asking what does he think the qualities require for being a good casting director he says “ there are many , for me apart from being patient you should be willing to see as many people as possible for every job and you must remember as many people as possible from previous jobs, so that you kind of create a database of talent in your mind and are able to provide opportunity to maximum people for every single job.” He adds “ Apart from this you should be able to understand the requirements of  client as well and don’t feed them with same talent again and again. They will move on to other casting companies if you can not provide them fresh faces. So it is a walk on tight rope and actually a thankless job as generally you do not get credit for all this detailed and hard work.”

His company Khanna casting & Films does casting for many off beat and regional cinema, recently they have finalized cast for 2 of mid- budget movies.