Captain America Avengers Shield Is Being Auctioned For Rs 33.7 Lakh News

Captain America Avengers Shield Is Being Auctioned For Rs 33.7 Lakh

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October 27, 2021

Yes, you heard it right. If you’re a true Marvel fan and you love collecting these items. Also you have some hefty cash lying around, then maybe the contents of an auction that’s live right now might pique your interest.

Marvel fans and people who are interested in collecting movie memorabilia, there is a piece of good news for you. There is going to be an exclusive auction of Captain America shield. And you can be that one lucky person who gets their hands on it. Also the shield has become a symbol, and the superhero has used its several varying designs over the years.

There must be a time that each and every fan of the superhero and of the MCU must have felt like holding the shield in their hands. Well, now is the time to make the dream come true through this auction.

Captain America

The Captain America shield used by actor Chris Evans in the 2019 Avengers movie is up for grabs for anyone willing to participate (and win) the bid.

Auctioned by the Hakes Auction, the shield is currently being offered for a bid price of $45,000 and along with it, a screen used by Chris Evans in the movie is also up for grabs.

About Captain America Avengers Shield

“Hake’s Auctions is proud to offer Chris Evans’ screen-used hero prop shield from Avengers: Endgame in Auction #233. Constructed by Marvel Studios Senior Prop Master Russell Bobbitt. The shield is 24″ in diameter, approximately 3″ deep and is also constructed of high density foam. With a spun aluminum exterior and hand-crafted leather arm and hand straps on the interior. 30 to 40 shields were produced for Endgame.

But this example was used for close-up shots in Evans’ hand as it shows the most detail. Its spun aluminum surface exhibits a mesmerizing metallic sheen. The other prop shields made for Endgame were used in long shots and action sequences. However, lasting one or two scenes before sustaining damage from use associated with stunt work. This shield was handled with care on set so it could be utilized in multiple scenes. Making this shield’s near pristine condition an even rarer feat”, the official website claims.

Currently, there are only six bids on the site and if you convert 45000 dollars to INR, it’s approximately Rs 33,71,769! That’s a lot of money for sure but if you wish to own a piece of the MCU universe, then maybe go for it. 

About The Other Marvel Related Things Auction

The bidding will end on November 3. Along with Captain America shield from Avengers: Endgame, other Marvel-related things are also up for auction. The auction include comic book issues like Fantastic Four #1, Amazing Fantasy #15, X-Men #1, Tales of Suspense #39 (the first appearance of Iron Man), Journey Into Mystery #83 (first appearance of Thor), and also the Daredevil #1, among others.