Canadians refused to Pay for Harry’s Security

Since Harry and Meghan decided to stand back Royal duties and left Family to make their home in Canada, both are facing problems related to security. There is another major controversy on who should pay for their security in Canada as previously It was paid by British tax payers. Estimated cost of their security is almost £3-6 M. They are about to rent a property on Vancouver Island in Victoria.

Recently, a petition by Canadian Taxpayers Federation having more than 100k was made demanding that the Canadian taxpayer does not support the bill for their stay. About 77% Canadians refused to pay for royal couple security as they are not representing the Queen.

Job Search for Royal Couple

Sheeraz Inc. has claimed that they have received requests for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to make them independent and $2 M cash offered have been received from a client based in Dubai.