BTS’s J-Hope Reveals How He Strikes A Balance Between His Image & Complex Realities of Life News

BTS’s J-Hope Reveals How He Strikes A Balance Between His Image & Complex Realities of Life

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Time icon May 15, 2021

The singer revealed how his outlook towards life has changed and he has begun to see the bright side of his life. He revealed that as an artist he has started showcasing his complex emotions through his life.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the South Korean pop band BTS member, J-Hope revealed he strikes a balance between his hopeful image with the ups and downs in his life. The musician revealed his outlook towards life has changed a lot as he projects his emotions through music.

J-Hope shared that he feels burdened and pressurized as an artist. He said, “Things are really different from how it used to be. I just try to show who I really am. I think that’s the most comfortable for me. Everybody has, you know, different sides from what they show. Of course, I do have a burden and pressure as an artist. I just take them in for what they are. I just try to express that I’m going to overcome these difficulties”.

The BTS member explained that all the members of his band have become more natural throughout the years. He claims they have started showing their emotions and shared how they only tried to show the good side to fans. The singer explained that his name is J-Hope and he only tried to show the bright side of their group and himself.

He said, “As my name is J-Hope, I only tried to show the bright side of our group and myself. But as time passes by, one cannot feel the same way forever so I also felt other emotions. I tried to express those emotions through music or dialogue, to express them in a very beautiful way”.

J-Hope further revealed how his band members find solace in expressing their true emotions as their fans can resonate with their realistic themes. Even the singer’s song, Ego expresses various sentiments and feelings that arise while one is pursuing their dream. He tried to make people understand that they should not lose hope in life.

The singer explained that his song Ego is about his life and the conclusion is what comes from this inner reflection that he believes in. He has put his emotions into the lyrics and allows dfans to also relate and have a deeper connection with him.

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