BTS ARMY Trends ‘Free Jungkook’ After Fans Ship Him With Other Bandmates

The internet is not new to shipping culture as fans ship characters with each other almost every time. Be it books or novels, shows and music and this presumably happen because of the chemistry that fans witnessed.

However, few fans do sometimes take it too far intentionally or unintentionally. This sometimes can also divide fans amongst themselves and becomes the cause of a bigger debate. One such case is with fans of BTS who are vocal about their love for the members of the group. However, often one member of the group is shipped with another because of the bond that they share.

Fans have shipped their idols with other members of various groups as well. Everybody who does not live under a rock is aware that BTS members share a close bond with each other throughout all these years. Sometimes fans tend to make up things from their interactions and it is not necessarily what they want it to be.

But BTS fans do support one another almost every time but never hold back when it comes to calling other fans out as well. The trend of shipping Jungkook with V has been circulating for a long time. Some fans were hooked on the equation that the two maknaes share. The interactions between the idols are like brothers, as Jungkook calls V his brother.

The idols themselves have addressed their ship name as well, which is taekook. They have said it is cute, however, it seems like their friendship and interactions have been turned into something else. ARMY used to take this lightly sometimes, however, they do not support it.

A fan had expressed their thoughts back in 2019 on Weverse. They said that they are looking for a picture of Jungkook whom Taehyung(V) loves. V had responded to the fan as he asked them to get out of their imagination because that place is not good. Since then fans have urged other fans to stop shipping them together.

ARMYs started the trend with the hashtag #freejungkook as he is shipped with other members most often. A fan wrote, “After 8 years we are making a hashtag. The silence only made the situation worse, although I don’t think this will solve anything either, but we are trying. RESPECT JUNGKOOK.” Another fan said, “Louder for all the toxic shippers out there and those who only use him to satisfy their ship.”

Fans poured in love and support for the youngest member of BTS and urged everybody to stop the ship culture.


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