Brothers Deepak Raj And Yogesh Raj Throw Light On Their Journey As Social Media Influencers

Siblings may fight together but there’s a special bond between them which is irreplaceable and can never separate them from each other. Raj Deepak and Raj Yogesh are pure sibling goals who are popular social media influencers and there is nothing better than two brothers working together to entertain and engage with their audience on social media with relevant content. The duo is from New Delhi and they always dreamt of living a life full of luxuries which they are living today.

While being in school, they were ordinary in academics but extra-ordinary in other co-curricular activities. After completing graduation, they had several plans in their mind but with a lot of trial and error, they chose to make their careers in social media. “We never wanted to work under someone and obey the orders of the authority. We thought to work independently. After a lot of thinking, we decided to work collectively in becoming influencers. We have got more than we ever expected and it feels surreal to get recognition online”, said Raj Deepak.

They have not restricted themselves to only one category. Deepak and Yogesh have collaborated with several brands of fashion, travel, fitness and lifestyle category and have travelled to the places like Dubai, Germany, Italy, Crete, Santorini, Switzerland, Barcelona, London and many more. Talking about their further plans, Yogesh said, “We will be covering 10 countries by 2020 and our main focus is on the video content and vlogs as they help in getting good engagement on social media.”

Besides this, both of them are hardcore gym freaks and car lovers. We wish Raj Deepak and Raj Yogesh best of luck for their future endeavours and we hope that the siblings fulfil their dreams and become top bloggers in the coming time. Don’t they redefine bromance goals?