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Bikini Worn By Dame Barbara Windsor In The Movie Carry On Camping Auctioned For $9500

The bikini top Dame Barbara was wearing in 1969 in the film Carry On Camping was sold at an auction for $ 9,500.

The former actress wore the bathing suit in the very famous scene where her top flies away in the middle of a physical education class.

Proceeds From The Sale To Go To Charity

The proceeds from the sale of the clothing item that has been rescued from the garbage bins long time ago will be transferred by the seller to the Alzheimer’s Society.

The actress passed away in December due to Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 83.

An image from the scene in Carry On Camping was included in the order of service for her funeral, accompanied by her quote: “That picture will follow me to the end.”

The scene had to be shot three times, with the bikini being removed with the deft use of a fishing rod in the hands of an off-screen assistant.

Who Bought It?

This item has been sold to an American buyer. The auction took place between the phone and online bidders.

Barbara’s husband Scott Mitchell said: “It is a heart-warming tribute to Barbara. This item has been linked to the famous scene and now may be used to raise money to help the people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease is great.

“I’d say it was fitting – but it flew off…. so it wasn’t!”

Auctioneer Kerry Taylor said: “We have had so much interest in this bikini, from devoted fans of the Carry On films to people who simply love Barbara Windsor. During her long career, she was renowned for her down-to-earth nature, great sense of humour and superb acting ability.

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