Bigg Boss OTT: Housemates punishes Divya Agarwal, Latter disagrees

The Bigg Boss OTT is becoming more interesting by the day. The candidates are regularly seen fighting with one another on various topics. Divya Agarwal is one of the most powerful candidates, and she is seen givinga tough fight to others also.

Last night, the housemates singled out Divya Agarwal and Muskaan Jattana, dubbing them “the weakest candidates,” and Bigg Boss punished both of them. Muskaan Jattana appeared unmoved, while Divya Agarwal lost her cool.

Punishment for Divya

The creators have published a new promo video in which candidates name Divya. Nishant stated that he does not find her strong enough, and Neha stated that she changes her friendship from time to time. As she listened to them, Divya stated that they were attempting to separate her out because she was playing alone.

She also stated that she will not accept the punishment and will revolt against it. Then Nishant advised her to adopt a sporty attitude. Divya refused to listen to him.

Check It Out

For the Luxury budget hamper, a new challenge called Dog in Bone has been announced. The candidates were separated into two groups. Team A consists of Pratik, Neha, and Nishant. Team B consists of Raqesh, Divya, and Shamita. Neha is the sanchalak.

The participants put up a good fight, and Neha declares Team B the task winner. Shamita has been chosen as the lucky receiver of the Luxury Hamper.

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