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Biden Will Urge Americans To Wear Masks For 100 Days To Control The Spread Of Coronavirus

US President-elect Joe Biden has said he will ask Americans to wear masks during his first 100 days in office to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

He told CNN he believed there would be a “significant reduction” in the Covid-19 cases if every American wore a face mask.

The Development Of A Vaccine

Mr Biden also said he would order masks to be installed in all the important government buildings.

The US has recorded 14.1 million cases and 276,000 deaths in Covid-19 – the world’s highest nation.

Mr Biden is preparing to take over as the drug lords prepare to send millions of doses of coronavirus vaccine to American society. Moderna is one of the leading contenders. The FDA is weighing the pros and cons of approving a vaccine for the masses.

The UK on Wednesday became the first country in the world to adopt the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccine has a high efficiency and has undergone all the necessary rounds of human trial phases in different countries.

Three former Presidents are committed to taking the vaccine whenever approved on camera to raise awareness and encourage fellow Americans in doing the same

What Did Joe Biden Say?

In his first interview with Deputy President-elect Harris since the election, Mr Biden said: “On the first day I am anointed to say that I will ask the public for 100 days to hide their faces. Only 100 days to hide their faces, not forever. 100 days.

“And I think we’re going to see a significant decrease if that happens, if that happens with vaccinations and coverage to reduce the numbers significantly.”

The first 100 days of a new presidency are symbolically significant in the US and are considered a measure of how the president will act.

Constitutional experts say the US president does not have the legal authority to order Americans to wear masks, but Mr Biden said during an interview he and his Deputy President Kamala Harris would set an example by giving face-to-face presentations.

The Rules To Come

A presidential official is seizing US government property, and Mr Biden has told CNN he intends to use such force.

“I will issue a decree ordering that in state buildings you have to hide and cover your face.”

He added: “Transportation, foreign travel, you must hide your face, planes and buses, etc.”

American airports, airports and many public transportation systems already require all passengers and crew to wear face masks.

The Trump White House has dismissed calls from American health experts for authorizing masks on travel items such as overdose.

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