Batman’s Beyond Kryptonite Armor Is Still One Of DC’s Coolest News

Batman’s Beyond Kryptonite Armor Is Still One Of DC’s Coolest

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Time icon October 18, 2021

One piece of the costume of Batman Beyond among the superhero outfits in DC Comics is incredible, although all superhero outfits seem fantastic. When Terry and his super pals were pitted against Justice Lord Superman in Batman Beyond 2.0, this outfit had Kryptonite in the design because it was expressly needed to fight an evil alternative Superman.

Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond has an iconic and immediately recognisable batsuit, but his Kryptonite armour maybe even better than his original gear. Terry has to battle the Justice Lords in Batman Beyond 2.0, a digital-first comic that ran from 2013 to 2014.

The Justice Lords made their initial appearance in an episode of the Justice League animated series in 2003. They were made official canon in The Multiversity Guidebook #1 in 2015, while they had previously appeared in the pages of Batman Beyond 2.0 in comics. The Justice Lords are an alternative version of the Justice League that hail from Earth-50.

Lex Luthor was elected president of their universe and he murdered Flash, prompting Superman to pursue him and slay his longtime foe. The Justice League follows in his footsteps donning the title of “Lord” and enacting a new, harsher form of justice on their planet. Lord Batman is killed by Lord Superman and Terry finds himself in their universe.

He picks up the pieces that Bruce Wayne left behind in his era. Bruce’s Kryptonite suit, which he has been building for a long time is eventually put to use against Superman. Kyle Higgins, Thony Silas, Emilio Lopez and Saida Temofonte created Batman Beyond 2.0 #22 and #24. These are the issues that feature the amazing Kryptonite armour.

Because of the presence of embedded synthetic Kryptonite, this batsuit is predominantly black. However, it has massive wings and green accents. Terry can use the Kryptonian rock as a weapon against Lord Superman, so it’s not just for show. But the bad news for the fanatical Man of Steel is that the suit can fire Kryptonite beams.

Batman is well-known for having backup plans in place if he ever has to take down his fellow citizens. It is odd that a Kryptonite infused outfit took so long to develop. Nonetheless, this can be deemed as one of the best outfits the Dark Knight ever designed and it would be interesting to see it in the future. It has multiple power settings and packs a powerful punch. Its silhouette is also rather striking, with its gargoyle-like wings. It’s quite appropriate for Gotham’s look, and certainly for Batman’s.

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