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Bafta TV Awards Announce Halt On Special Individual Prizes After Noel Clarke Controversy

The Bafta TV Awards will not present any special awards for the first time at Sunday’s event.

It comes after Bafta was criticized for giving Noel Clarke an outstanding contributor award in April despite being aware of allegations of sexual harassment against the actor – which he denies.

Special Awards Put On Hold

Any of the organization’s “in the gift” awards – which were not voted on by the industry panel – have now been suspended.

Bafta told members last week that it was now reviewing its voting and selection procedures.

“We have just announced that we are reviewing the procedures for awarding prizes, that are in the gift of the academy, so we have temporarily paused the special awards and fellowships and they will not feature in this Sunday’s ceremony,” a Bafta spokeswoman told the BBC on Tuesday.

The Background

Kidulthood and Doctor Who actor Mr Clarke was awarded a prestigious British contribution to the cinema award at an event on April 10, but was suspended by Bafta later the same month over allegations of harassment.

Mr Clarke said he was sorry if his past behavior had made anyone feel uncomfortable, but he “firmly” denied any sexual misconduct or harassment allegations.

The Guardian was the publication to break the news about the allegations, also reported at the time that Bafta had received details of the claims against Mr Clarke within 12 days between his announcement as prize and the event itself.


After some criticized the organization for allowing Mr Clarke to continue collecting the award, Bafta defended its response with a letter to members.

Bafta said the emails it received were “probably anonymous or third-hand accounts via intermediaries”.

“No first-hand allegations were sent to us,” it said. “No names, times, dates, productions or other details were ever provided.

“Had the victims gone on record as they have with the Guardian, the award would have been suspended immediately. Noel Clarke’s counsel received a legal notice to this effect. It was always very clear what our intentions would be.”

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