B Wynn Sports Hires Hayes Pullard as The President of Athlete Marketing

One year removed from being named on our list of “Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2019 as compared to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos”, Founder & CEO of B Wynn Sports, Blake Wynn, continues to dazzle at the age of 20- this time by hiring NFL veteran, Hayes Pullard, as President of Athlete Marketing.

The move follows a successful 2019 for the agency, which included acquiring clients such as Mastroianni Fashions, Chicken Shack, and the Los Angeles Chargers on the corporate side, and growing their impressive roster of talent to more than 1,500 individual ‘influencers’. This includes their impressive roster of more than 50 NFL players (roughly 4% of the entire NFL). Pullard will lead the division of athletic talent within B Wynn Sports, which includes more than 75 professional athletes when taking into account their roster of NBA, MLB, and Olympic athletes.

When asked to comment, Hayes Pullard said, “It is an honor and a blessing to have been given the opportunity to work with Blake and the entire B Wynn Sports team. I am excited for what the future holds as we continue to grow and thrive as an agency that does things the right way. The sky’s the limit.”

Wynn had a very similar excitement surrounding the announcement; “It is a fantastic addition for everyone involved with B Wynn Sports whether it be our company clients, talent, or staff. Hayes has been an advocate of the company since day 1, as he was the first athlete we signed . I am certain that he has the brain, resources, and resume to unequivocally be the perfect hire for this incredibly important position.”

The two first met in 2017 when Wynn was invited to be the judge of the Los Angeles Chargers’ “My Cause, My Cleats” design competition between all of the players, where Wynn bypassed on awarding the victory to superstars such as Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen, and Joey Bosa in favor of selecting Hayes’s pair as the winner of the contest. The two spoke at length after the contest, according to Wynn, they have become “as close to family as it gets”.

Pullard last touched the field as a member of the Los Angeles Chargers in January of 2019 followed by brief roster additions with the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles. In December of 2019, he and his wife Alexis announced via Instagram that they will be having their first child in June of 2020, so it is very possible Pullard will be hanging up the cleats to take on the full-time role with the agency. At this time, he has not formally announced his retirement from the NFL, and Wynn commented briefly on the matter by saying, “Hayes has nothing but opportunity right now, and regardless of what he chooses, he will be left in a phenomenal position both professionally and personally”.