Ayestí Successfully Corners the Hip-Hop Industry as an Artist and Future Record Label Owner News

Ayestí Successfully Corners the Hip-Hop Industry as an Artist and Future Record Label Owner

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Time icon May 15, 2021

Rap music is a powerful means of expression in our modern age. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as social commentary, personal testimonials, and even just blasting fun beats with some funky lyrics to dance to. It is a versatile art form that has been steadily taking over the music industry, and Ayestí is no stranger to the craft.

Born as Adrian Thomas Townsel, Ayestí is an American hip-hop artist and Instagram marketer hailing from Lima, Ohio. He’s an artist through and through, drawing his artistic influences from legendary rappers such as Juice WRLD, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain. He is an adept storyteller who is able to seamlessly blend complex melodies, catchy lyrics, and sick beats into every song release.

Ayestí’s reputation precedes him, as he has made various headlines on popular mainstream media outlets such as CBS and other Fox-affiliated news stations using his former artist name 4gmusiq. His very first single of the year, “Mind Games,” garnered a lot of attention from fans of his music and new fans alike.

His single amassed over 10,000 streams in a span of a single month, proving that every time Ayestí released something, he would always captivate a legion of fans waiting to listen to his music. This fact has been proven yet again with his 2020 hit song “Martian,” which became a certified fan-favorite being featured on thousands of playlists and popular YouTube channels such as Royal Vibes and Rap Layer.

Ayestí has successfully combined his knowledge in music with an Instagram marketing agency to use the platform so he can grow his fanbase. Over the span of two years, he has managed to gain nearly 20,000 followers and made a name for himself by posting one-minute remixes to popular songs.

His remix for “Back in Blood” by Memphis rapper Pooh Sheisty has gained over 300,000 views on Instagram, a number that continues to grow to this very day. He always made songs with local artist SpaceBoii, but they never took the time to go to the studio and record professionally. However, tragedy struck when SpaceBoii took his own life.

With a plan to continue his good friend’s legacy, Ayestí utilized SpaceBoii’s music apps and released an “Uber Everywhere” remix but eventually deleted it. Nowadays, he pulls all genres and all influences and strives to throw hints of some of his biggest inspirations in each song, such as Boys Like Girls, Billie Eilish, and Big Sean.

The esteemed rapper is always on the hunt for knowledge. Ayestí makes it a point to consistently learn so that he can become a single person with all the knowledge of a record label. As an artist, he is able to mix music, harmonize, make a beat, find the key of a song and sing. “There is nothing in the music business that I am not willing to learn and master,” said Ayestí.

Find out more about rising star Ayestí by checking out his official website.

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