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Aventi: the new superwatch upstart launching soon, pulls out all stops to make luxury timepieces accessible to everyone

Having launched multiple successful seven figure businesses, the lack of funds isn’t a problem for the global entrepreneur, Hannu Siren. He has other reasons for launching his next project via a crowd-funding platform.

“Using a crowdfunding platform was a conscious decision on our part. We felt that this would help us reach more people, build a stronger community and really involve our early customers in the process of improving our products with their feedback and backing,“ explains Hannu.

Crowdfunding has given rise to some giant names and helped raise millions to successfully launch businesses. By rewarding supporters with special prices, insider updates and rewards, it includes its backers in the excitement of building something not yet available to the rest of the world.

The mission of Aventi is two-fold: to challenge what is blindly accepted in the watch-making world, and prove that luxurious quality does not have to be sacrificed for a better value. Hannu believes that both of these goals resonate powerfully with the global population and they should have a chance to be a part of this important journey in horology.

Aventi is taking the supercar watch to the world. Through crowdfunding, we can offer our product to the people that truly understand what we are trying to accomplish, and for a far more accessible price point than a full blown commercial launch. The sooner customers can get access to the product, the more successful our mission is : making luxury timepieces with world class materials, top of the line technology and ground-breaking design accessible to a larger audience with an appreciation for exquisite products.”

Aventi is set to launch in April 2020. The premier model is called the A-10 Superwatch, with a skeletonised tourbillon, titanium casing and sapphire crystal window. The brand is offering multiple colour options inspired by generations of legacy supercars – Raw Titanium, Rosso Red, Riviera Blue, Nardo Grey, Modena Yellow, Viola Purple, Pearl White and Nero Black. The brand has confirmed the first batch of production for November 2020.

“We are confident about our product and our offering. The amount of preparation that has gone into this timepiece is evident. We’ve already received rave reviews from some of our early researchers and testers. I am excited to see how the larger audience reacts to this bold design,“ finishes Hannu while displaying the entire range in a case.

What exactly is a “superwatch”? Find out more about Aventi and its upcoming crowdfunding campaign at www.aventiwatch.com.

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