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Atif Aslam is Impressed by Someone Super Talented – Video Inside!

Atif Aslam is that soulful legendary singer of the industry whose voice can keep you in enchantment everyday. All of his songs have a special charm that makes one go out of the world. Atif has sung numerous songs including solos and that of exclusively for the films.

There is a long list that makes Atif Aslam one of our favorite singers and that’s the reason he has got a huge fan following. Now think, what if someone’s voice impresses the legend Atif Aslam? It’s really something big! Here we have got the details and video to make it evident.

Who Impressed Atif Aslam with His Soul-Stirring Voice?

Atif Aslam

Well… you must be excited to know about the one who has even impressed Atif Aslam. The young guy is definitely blessed with a soul-stirring voice and here we have got the video!

This is Huzaifa Khan who has got a melodious voice that is just like Atif Aslam.

After listening to Huzaifa’s version, the Atif invited this super talented guy to a jamming session. He said

What could have been better than an invitation from the legend himself! Huzaifa was definitely short at words to express his gratitude and excitement on this precious invitation by the legend.

Huzaifa Khan has been grabbing attention with his amazing voice and that’s the reason he has got almost 13,000 followers. The interesting thing is that he is also noticed by the musicians across the border.

Singer Vishal Mishra has came across Huzaifa’s covers of Tum Mile and Jo Tu Na Mila and appreciated him. Not only that but the well-known composer Vishal Dadlani has also lauded Huzaifa Khan’s talent.

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