Athleisure 101

Loungewear has become our signature look this quarantine season. With the Corona Virus pandemic resulting in everybody being stuck at home, we need a little more than just our lousy PJ’s to get us through the day. Do you practically live in leggings and detest the thought of putting on a tight pair of jeans to look fancy? If you’ve vigorously nodded your head, then Athleisure wear is right up your alley. The people have spoken and It seems like someone has finally answered the prayers of millions of women. Sweatpants have finally become fashionable!

Comfort is key today and not just in fashion

Like many things today, Athleisure too started out as a millennial trend and has gradually picked up steam over the years. People are wearing lounge wear to the office as well to brunch. Brands have started realizing the importance of comfort in their clothing. Many of them are adopting ways to incorporate nuances of Athleisure in their collections. Comfort is key today and not just in fashion, however, you don’t have to give up on looking good just to be comfortable.

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Celebs too are ensuring they mix comfort and style in a balanced way when they put out workout videos and tutorials, flaunting stylish Athleisure of all kinds.

When I say Athleisure, don’t picture a shiny neon spandex-clad outfit! Think more along the lines of comfortable trendy clothes that can be accessorized any way that you like. This could be bright colors, prints or anything that works for you. When you’re in a positive, feel-good mood, there’s definitely more you can do even physically. Athleisure could be the perfect pick me up you need to get out of a funk and get some work done.

Strike A Balance With Different Silhouettes


Dressing up comfy can easily get out of hand. We don’t want to look like we just got up from a nap. Try aiming for the effortless yet put-together look instead. For example, loose fitted sweatpants with an oversized jumper screams cozy. However, try pairing your baggy bottoms with a fitted tee to give some shape and balance to the look. Similarly, pair a wardrobe staple like a cropped jacket on top of a chunky sweater with structured leggings to show off your figure and create a balanced Athleisure look.

Play With Colors And Textures

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Don’t be afraid to change up your look once in a while. Athleisure is all about playing with different textures and color schemes. A mix of fabrics like soft knits or even spandex can give your outfit an unexpected edge. Studying what color palettes suit you and the occasion for which your dressing can give your outfit a much-needed oomph. If you’re wary about color you can always play it safe with a monochromatic moment. Add a small pop of color by wearing colorful sneakers or a flashy jacket to break the monotony.

Athleisure In Work Wear

Yes, you read it right. Athleisure can also look formal with just the right complementary pieces. You don’t necessarily have to look like you just had a workout. We are going for a more laid back spin on the traditional workout gear. That being said, going full force with your work wear may not be the answer. Start with baby steps by going for an athletic tank. Brownie points for sophistication if it has a high neckline. Indulge in a bit of power dressing with a well-fitted blazer to complete the look.

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Your professional zoom meetings just got more fashionable. The contrast between the pieces goes great together and will be sure to turn quite a few heads around. If you’re feeling extra risque, you could revolve your outfit around cycling shorts. They are comfy to laze around in all day. Moreover, no one can really see your bottoms in a zoom meeting, so wear whatever you want!

Dress For The Occasion

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You don’t have to forget about your Athleisure looks once the quarantine officially ends and we hit the streets again. What started out as “workout clothes, but fashion” has now become a well-received trend. These pieces have become a versatile set of wardrobe essentials that can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what the occasion calls for.

Accessorize It Right

Once you take Athleisure outside, you need to step up the game. If you don’t pair your carefully structured outfit with complementary accessories, then you might as well wear plain old gym clothes. Accessorizing your outfits with versatile pieces will help you nail the look. Go for a sleek sporty vibe with accessories like bags, sunglasses or shoes that hint at your personal style. Don’t go overboard with the jewelry, stick to statement pieces and you will be fine. Clean kicks like sneakers are a popular choice of Athleisure wear. It adds a fresh perspective and ties up the whole look. 


No matter how hard we try to set this trend apart by confining these outfits for a particular occasion, they are, after all, everyday casual wear. Most women don’t think twice to put them on a busy day when looking fashionable isn’t on their mind. The only difference now is that you can still look polished and put together. Fortunately, for fans of this trend, it won’t be dying anytime soon. 

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