Amouranth Responds To Backlash From Fans Following Her Story Of Being Threatened By A Business Partner News

Amouranth Responds To Backlash From Fans Following Her Story Of Being Threatened By A Business Partner

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Time icon November 19, 2021

Kaitlyn Amouranth is one of the most successful Internet personalities on the planet. She is active on all well-known platforms such as Twitch, OnlyFans, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

In the past, he influencer has revealed her income from all the social media accounts she owns and it is indeed a massive number! However, all of this doesn’t come easy and Amouranth had to go through a lot of hardships to be at the point where she is today.

The Background

The influencer recently shared a story of being exploited and threatened by a business partner but fans do not seem to believe Amouranth’s story.

Amouranth and the ‘business partner’ had constructive weeks where they discussed about their business objectives but the influencer reveals that all of a sudden one day she was invited to a dinner by him.

“I continued the conversation about business, not initially responding to his dinner offer, and his tone immediately became aggressive, threatening to end the deal when they thought that I had declined his invitation,” the influencer revealed.

“His reaction to me not immediately accepting is what made me want to share this experience. He didn’t brush it off, didn’t let it go when I didn’t immediately respond, he called me unprofessional and threatened to end the partnership entirely, because I didn’t give him a yes or no to his sudden dinner invite in the middle of a business conversation,” the streamer added.

After the backlash from fans who were asking for proof and evidence from Amouranth, she took to twitter to respond to them.

“There is the narrative of [a] guy working with [a] famous attractive girl, seeing an opening to meet [a] business partner, is immediately accused of inappropriate behavior via the lack of acknowledgement, resulting in his rage,” one commenter said.

 “It’s almost like I’m not allowed to ask someone out when there’s a power dynamic inequity,”

“I have been in so many situations like this before, and I’m sure that other girls in this profession are met with these situations all the time, where you expect to be treated appropriately in the context of a business deal, and instead are met with suggestive ‘offers’ or interactions that completely shatter any concept of professionalism,” she said in her original statement.

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