Amer Safaee; An Entrepreneur

Amer Safaee is a successful Afghani entrepreneur, investor and founder of Bama Security Company which operates in ten different countries. He was born in 1980 at Daykundi, Afghanistan, and was raised in a middle-class poor family. He graduated in Information and Technology and opened a Company the same as the university named as ‘Bama Security Company’ in Afghanistan. Amer Safaee is based in Dubai, London (England), and resides in Turkey nowadays. He also completed his master’s degree in MBA recently. Currently, he is a General Manager at Bama Security Company.

Amer Safaee believes in hard work using our own mind instead of physical work. He believes it is mandatory to study and investigate the business that we want to start but we should never be afraid of risks. He also believes in logical reasoning and calculated risks in business. He is always interested in investing in new ideas and the maximum use of technology in our business in best way possible. One of the main things of his successful career is taking big logical and calculated risks in business. Recently, he invested in beauty and fashion sector as a company named “ZAZZ” company which operates in five different countries.

Bama Security Company plans, coordinates, manages all business operations to achieve corporate goals, develop and implement business plan for profitability and provide IT related services. Amer Safaee extended his company in ten different countries including Tajikistan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Germany and formed a Bama Group of Companies.

Amer Safaee is a single and loves fashion, travel, horse riding and luxury cars. In fashion he loves Dior LV, he loves fine dining and healthy food and sometimes traditional food which is not healthy at all. He also loves walking animals which makes him relax on a busy stressful day and sometimes fun videos on social media. Amer Safaee lost almost everything in business due to the bad conditions in Middle East market instead of being sad and losing it all he never gave up and tried to find solutions and overcome the obstacles. He believes in never giving up due to failures.

Amer Safaee’s successful career is example and guide for all of us as he grew from a zero financial support and is pursuing successful career as an entrepreneur and investor. He believes that ‘success is next to risk’ and business should not harm but always benefit the people and God will give more fuel to your successful business engine. He aims to spread his company in fifty countries by 2025.

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