Ambrish Vijaykar , A public speaker influencing the college masses with his expertise in the field of Homoeopathy

Ambrish Vijayakar is known for his breakthrough researches in the field of homeopathy. Ambrish Vijayakar’ has been doing research in the field of Homoeopathy and science for the last 7 years. His areas of research are:
a) simplified approach towards mental disorders.
b) An easy approach to pediatric cases
c) Specialized approach to Asthma, allergies and Psoriatic cases.

 Ambrish Vijayakar and his father, Dr. Prafull Vijayakar have been taking Homoeopathy to the masses by conducting and running regular camps and clinics all over Maharashtra & across the borders of state-assisted by his able and trained assistants, especially targeting the rural areas. Mahabaleshwar clinics have been drawing crowds as Dr. Prafull Vijayakar,  Ambrish Vijayakar and their team go on persistently giving excellent results in cases like Autism, Mutism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Deaf-Dumb children, Distorted or mentally and physically dwarfed children, or children with genetic mutations or anomalies.

Owing to his sound knowledge and energetic approach towards his pupils, he is often seen as an influential speaker conducting workshops and seminars. He has conducted workshops across the country right from Jalandhar to Ludhiana, Delhi, Maharashtra to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. His professional charm has traveled Internationally too. From London, Dubai, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico. His workshops rejuvenate people’s minds and enlighten them. For this selfless work, Government organisations have recognized their work. Dr.Prafull Vijayakar Homeopathy Camp; HRDF Foundation has received official accreditation from AYUSH.

Ambrish in his career spanning over 15 years now has helped people see light in times of personal darkness and mental chaos. It is our honor to have this man in amongst us today.