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Well, People get ready for something romantic and funny as it seems that Alicia Keys who is someone who has been able to delight us with her beautiful voice is about to produce a rom-com whose title is yet to be released and given by the crew.

The cast is going to have a lot of good names by the likes of Jay Pharoah, Christina Milian, and Sinqua Walls are going to be there. The director of the movie is going to be “Steven Tsuchida” who has been able to give quite a lot of good works like “Dear White People”, “Younger” and “On My Block” and the script is going to be written by Dana Schmalenberg and Rheeqrheeq Chainey.

The story in itself is going to be very unique as the story revolves around Erica who is an aspiring pop star but for some reasons, she ends up being a total mess at her ex-fiance’s wedding after taking a show contract at a luxurious island resort due to her frustration from the whole failure thing.

She tries her best to make sure that the whole thing could be able to remain a secret from her fiance’s future wife but still, she finds out feelings for her ex, Jason, and to make sure that the whole thing remains under the blankets, Caleb who is Jason’s brother make sure that they don’t fall in love all over again. Keys is going to produce this one under the banner of “AK Worldwide” alongside Maggie Malina and Jeremy Kipp Walker.

Alicia Keys – Work It

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She has been a producer before for the Netflix movie “Work It” which was able to become a big success. Other than that we don’t have any idea on when this one is going to be released as the current scenario of the world is something which is in big jeopardy and we need to make sure that we don’t make it any worse.

So, People let’s try to make it a little better by staying home as much as we can and hope that everything is going to work just fine. Other than that, you can watch “Work It” and see for yourself whether it’s really worth the effort to wait.

And last but not least, Netflix is home to about a million web series and movies so try to watch this unlimited amount of online content to make sure that the whole thing could be able to work out just fine. So, let’s make sure that we don’t lose our minds in lockdown and could be able to get interacted with a lot of people as much as we could.

So, Let’s wait as that’s the only thing to do right now and try to hope that everything is going to work out for the best as that’s something very important to look at all the time and as we say always anything latest you want to know we are always there for you to serve you the best and the latest.

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