Ali Ansari Journey From RJ To An Actor

Young and talented artist Ali Ansari is an emerging actor who he has been part of the industry from quite a long time,

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In an interview, he talked about how he became an actor and shared his whole journey which is full of struggle and hard work.

He shared, “I started with a radio show named ‘Dude where is my song?’ You might have heard my show when you used to come back from school and many of you might have called on the show to play a song. So I started from there.

I didn’t want to become RJ and I didn’t know about it. Once my mother came home and she said that why don’t you try radio? I agreed and gave the audition and got selected as well. The journey is still continued but my radio career ended after 5-6 years.”

“I wanted to grow further on merit and I started hosting for Hum TV in 2018 then I became VJ. Next step was acting but I never went to any acting school. When I started acting I faced lots of criticism. I gave so many auditions but everyone rejected me. I was so dishearted and left everything and joined university to complete my education.”

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