Ahmed Ali Akbar- 8 Things You Should Know About Him

The Pakistani entertainment industry is blessed with many gifted actors. There are only a handful of Pakistani actors who make sure that every project they work in wins the viewers over. Ahmed Ali Akbar is one such actor who has been impressing drama buffs with his amazing talent ever since he stepped into the world of performing arts.

Ahmed Ali Akbar | 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Him
Ahmed Ali Akbar in and as Parizaad

Right now, his performance in Parizaad has won him more appreciation and acclaim than ever before. He is a multi-talented celebrity who lets his work speak for him. Unlike the majority of celebrities, he does not rely on social media, controversies or PR to get everyone’s attention.

He is genuinely dedicated to his profession and his choices represent the wise decisions he has made over the year. He truly believes that quality supersedes quantity.

Ahmed Ali Akbar has been part of some of the most liked dramas and films. He has also hosted the Lux Style Awards. He can easily be termed as someone who is not afraid to take up challenging roles. The fact that he is constantly experimenting and does not work in a lot of projects, makes him stand out even more.

Since Ahmed does not give a lot of interviews, many of his fans do not know much about him. Here is everything you need to know about your favorite actor:

Started Working As a Child Actor

Many people do not know that Ahmed Ali Akbar started acting at a really young age. He was only 11 when he acted in a PTV drama. His first salary was 500 rupees. He also worked in a television commercial as a child star. Ali tasted the attention fame brings with it at a really young age when everyone from school started recognizing him as the boy from the television commercial. He shared in an interview that everyone’s attitude towards him changed after he was famous as a child star and that was a rewarding experience for him.

Got Beat Up A Lot As a Kid

Ahmed Ali Akbar candidly shared in an interview that as a kid his mother beat him up a lot. He said that she used everything that she could find to basically make him study!

First Crush Looked Like Lisa Ray

Ahmed Ali Akbar has been quite honest in an interview while talking about his crushes and other such things. In an interview, he revealed that his first crush from 3rd grade looked like the Canadian actress Lisa Ray. He fondly talked about the girl.

Impressive Athletic Background

Many people probably do not know that before stepping into acting full time, Ahmed Ali Akbar was a national-level tennis player. He was also a musician and a competitive swimmer.

Ali also played club-level cricket. Ahmed Ali Akbar belongs to a family of athletes. His father and brothers have represented Pakistan and won medals on the national and international levels.

Leads A Simple Life

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Ahmed Ali Akbar in Parizaad

There is a reason why Ahmed Ali Akbar does not lead the ‘celebrity life’ even after getting so much success and love. He believes in living a simple life irrespective of how much success he achieves in his career. Even after getting so much fame, he did not compromise on his simple lifestyle. He shared in an interview that the fame he got especially after Parchi did not change his personal life and personality at all.

Does Not Enjoy Watching Himself On Screen

Most actors do not enjoy watching their own performances on screen, Ahmed Ali Akbar is one of them as well! When he did his first acting job and the drama aired, he did not like watching himself on television. Even though he enjoyed the kind of reactions he got from people and always worked hard for his projects, he never liked watching his own work on television.

Positive Outlook On Life

Ahmed Ali Akbar has a positive outlook on life. He talked about how he handles life in general in an interview. He believes in looking for happiness in small things. Ali is constantly looking for the positive aspect of every situation and now it is almost as if it is something that comes to him naturally.

Does Not Like Materialistic and Dishonest Women

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Yumna zaidi and Ahmed Ali Akbar in Parizaad

We are pretty sure, a lot of women out there would want to know what qualities will Ahmed’s ideal girl possess. As it turns out Ahmed does not like women who do “stink”, are dishonest or materialistic. He would love to marry someone who likes traveling and is not afraid to travel places with no roads! Ahmed Ali Akbar is a wanderer and would want to be with someone who shares the same ideals as him.


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