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After the viral TikTok video, Australia’s DJ- Producer R-Cue keen to become a content creator

The power of the internet should never be underestimated. One can never predict what content can do wonders over the web. It all depends upon the audience’s preferences and taste which is ultimately what matters in the end. R-CUE who is one of the leading artists in Australia made headlines recently for one of his videos which broke the internet. Before you start wondering, we tell you that the video was not about his music but something different and unexpected. The artist took to his TikTok page and shared a video of a cop fighting with two girls.

Guess what? The video went which went viral in no time. The major reason behind the video being highlighted by many was because various news channels like 7 News Australia, Dailymail UK and News Australia covered the story about it after which the video reached to millions of people across Facebook. The incident in the video footage saw a police officer kicking a teenager after she aggressively stormed at him at St Kilda beach. It is believed that the 16 year old girls were drunk and intoxicated and were harassing the beachgoers.

The Victoria Police in a statement had earlier revealed that one of the girls approached the officer in a threatening manner and she did not stop when she was asked to. It was only after the aggressive behavior, the police had to take necessary action against her. Interestingly, when the second girl in the video tried to pounce, both these girls were sprayed with pepper spray. Well, after the incident, the girls were arrested and released into the custody of their parents. R-CUE who randomly edited the video and posted it on his TikTok page did not ever imagine the magnitude of the video going viral.

Known for his songs like ‘Dirty Wine’, ‘Take You Down’ and ‘She Bad She Know’, R-CUE is very keen to make his foray into content creation. R-CUE said, “my major focus has been making music, but with the video which went viral recently, I am willing to create exclusive content like vines and post it on social media.” Looking at his newly-found interest, we are excited to see what unique and fun content R-Cue will come up with. It would be interesting to see him create some hilarious content on the lines of his upcoming songs.


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