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After NBC’s cancellation of Manifest Season 4, Netflix may be able to save it

Few shows have been lucky enough to be revived by Netflix in recent years, but it appears like NBC’s Manifest may be one of them. The thriller about a missing aircraft premiered on Netflix last week, followed by NBC’s decision to terminate the show after three seasons. Manifest immediately climbed to the top of the Netflix charts, despite the fact that the third season ended on a cliffhanger that may never be resolved.

The supernatural drama series launched in 2018, and it follows the passengers of Flight 828, who mysteriously reappeared after being considered dead for almost five years. Those on the aircraft from Jamaica to New York City, on the other hand, appear to have passed no time at all, despite the tremendous shock of their grieving friends and relatives

. Even worse, the passengers begin to hear voices and see glimpses of events that have yet to take place. With its third season cancellation, creator Jeff Rake sold the series to NBC with six seasons planned, creating an unpleasant muddle of unanswered questions. Despite this, the television producer is hopeful that the series will be picked up by another platform

At #3

According to Deadline, Manifest may have a ray of hope in the form of Netflix, which is working to bring the series to the streaming service. The drama received strong ratings in its first week on Netflix, opening at #3 and quickly climbing to first place. According to sources, Warner Bros. is in talks with other studios. In terms of the series’ durability and financials, TV and Netflix are competing.

While there appears to be a ray of light for Manifest, it’s too early to determine whether other recently cancelled NBC shows like Debris and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist have a chance to be revived.

Fans may spend the time until Netflix decides on their own response to a Manifest revival to mull over the crazy amount of ideas and hints that have reportedly set the stage for a finale that may never be seen.

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