Addison Rae’s TikTok Account Restored After Permanent Suspension

Addison Rae is the third most followed TikToker in the world. However, she shocked her fans on October 14 when she broke the news out that she has been permanently banned from the platform.

The TikToker rose to fame by posting lip sync and dance videos on the platform. She has since also scaled her personal brand on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Rae was most recently seen in the Netflix movie ‘He’s All That’ and is also trying her luck in the music industry. The TikToker has signed multiple film deal with Netflix as well.

Addison Rae released her debut single titled ‘Obsessed’ in March this year, alongside a music video that has now had 24.1 million views and raked in 771,000 positive reactions. However, all of this was not sufficient to prevent a permanent suspension of her TikTok account.

‘Time To Get A Job’

Taking to her Twitter account on October 14, the TikToker posted a screenshot that read her account was permanently suspended due to “multiple violations of the platform’s Community Guidelines”.

Addison Rae captioned the Tweet “well time to get a job” poking fun at herself. However, the account of Addison Rae has now been restored by TikTok.

Account Restored

She is able to post on her account again and everything is back to normal. The restoration of Addison Rae’s TikTok account did not sit well with some netizens as they believe that Addison’s celebrity status helped her get back on the platform even after violating community guidelines.

Lmao @tiktok_us@TikTokSupport it’s so funny how you instantaneously restored Addison Rae’s account after you banned it permanently, but you won’t give my main cosplay account back. Make a lot of sense,” one person tweeted in annoyance.

The exact reason behind the suspension of Addison Rae’s TikTok account is still not known but netizens feel that she got the boot for posting a video in which she panned the camera toward her clothed derriere.

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