According to the original director, Train to Busan 3 could happen

Train to Busan 3, the third installment of acclaimed director Yeon Sang-acclaimed Ho’s zombie-thriller series, has been teased.

In recent decades, zombie media has swept the world by storm, with shows like The Walking Dead and games like the Dead Rising series only expanding in popularity.

With over 10 million people viewing Train To Busan when the movie was released in 2016, it became one of South Korea’s biggest box office successes.

Train to Busan 3

The first film in the Train To Busan series is set at the start of the zombie apocalypse and spends the majority of its two-hour runtime aboard a train, following a father who is hell-bent on defending his little daughter from the zombies. The story was acclaimed for being emotionally gripping and for delivering a frank critique of social class power dynamics.

Peninsula, the (indirect) sequel, takes place four years after the events of the previous film and depicts the entire southern peninsula of Korea as being completely overrun by zombies. Meanwhile, the rest of the world appears to be unaffected. Peninsula was a relative box-office success given the circumstances of its release during the COVID-19 crisis, with a budget of $16 million and a worldwide gross of $42.7 million.

The South Korean director teases a Train to Busan 3 sequel in a recent interview with Variety. When asked about his plans for a Peninsula sequel, he provides some thoughts for what the next film might look like and displays interest in doing one. There’s no telling when these ideas will come to fruition, given his recent successes and the other projects he’s working on.

There are a lot of ideas I’ve been tossing around but I personally think that for “Train to Busan,” I would like to continue that as a film series. In Korea, the circumstances are not very favorable to create a series in the Korean language with visuals that are comparable to “Train to Busan” the film and also, you know, I have to work with … the distributor that we started on the original film as well. So I think taking into consideration all of those conditions, a film series would be the most feasible.

While no official information on Train To Busan 3 has been released, there are a few things we do know.

One of them is the director’s decision to keep Train To Busan as a film series rather than switching to the increasingly popular limited series format.

Following the lead of Peninsula, fans of the film franchise speculate that the third film would add completely new protagonists to the story.

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