Aberystwyth Locals Set-Up Petition For Penparcau Play Park Upgrade News

Aberystwyth Locals Set-Up Petition For Penparcau Play Park Upgrade

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Time icon October 9, 2020

Clare Jackson a Aberystwyth local after analysing the state of the Penparcau Play Park has demanded from the Aberystwyth Town Council to upgrade the children’s play area in the park with the latest / modern play equipment.

“The residents of Penparcau and the wider Aberystwyth area want the old fashioned, rusty play equipment on Penparcau Play Park to be completely replaced by brand new modern play equipment for our children. This will improve the wellbeing of the community, create learning opportunities, support modern creative play and encourage physical activity.

The play park is situated in the heart of the community, it is close to a school, community centre, community café, local churches and is near a cycle path. It is also on the way to school for many people. It is a heavily used, much-needed resource for the children, families and local organisations in the area.  The Play Park area needs a complete overhaul, new equipment, gates, fencing and seating area. We would ask that this is also supported by a series of funded led play sessions and children’s activities.

The replacement equipment needs to be accessible for all and the gates to be replaced so that the park is accessible by wheelchair users, parents with pushchairs and children with limited mobility. We would also like to see improved drainage and play activities funded in the park area. When the MP visited the site he was visibly shocked.

There are more children in the Penparcau ward than others, yet there has been little improvement on this site! We estimate that every year nearly £200K is paid by taxpayers to the Town Council by local residents in Penparcau and we would like to see that money spent in Penparcau (this could be nearly £1 Million over 5 years).

As well as being an amazing opportunity to improve and maintain our children’s physical fitness and mental wellbeing it will encourage outdoor play, make safe connections with peers and parents and will strengthen our community. It is a space where parents could meet and grandparents could take their grandchildren.

As a community we ask for this to be fully funded.
I am putting a petition together to ask Aberystwyth Town Council to address this as a matter of urgency – Contact Clare Jackson for more info.”

Craig Thomas, A local from Penparcau had this to say about the Penparcau play park:

I was born in aberystwyth in 1991 and have in lived in penparcau most of my life and have not seen many updates and upgrading or even painting or replacing wood or oiling of the swings or maintenance the park was amazing in the 90s but now sits in a bad condition and is becoming unstable please upgrade or do up in a big way

The petition goal has been set at 200 signs and the locals are close to reaching their goal.

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