AB6IX’s Second Album Title Track ‘Cherry’ Lyrics Teaser Revealed

The K-Pop fans were taken by a surprise when the popular South Korean boy band group AB6IX released the lyrics teaser image for their upcoming album’s title track.

AB6IX is working on to release their second full album titled ‘MO Complete’. The title track of the album is ‘Cherry’.

Title Track ‘Cherry’ Lyrics

The fans got a sneak peak of the lyrics of Cherry with the teaser image that came out on September 15. The lyrics were written on a cute image of a hand writing “Cherry”on a small sticky notepad.

Check out the teaser image below:

The sidetracks of the album “Salute”, “Merry-Go-Round”, and “LuLuLaLa” are produced by the band member Lee Dae Hwi in collaboration with Brand New Music’s producer.

When Will The Album Release?

The Album ‘Mo Complete’ is scheduled to release in the last week of this month (on 27th September, 2021.)

Mo Complete has a total of 10 tracks namely “Showdown”, “Level Up”, title track “Cherry”, “Down For You”, “Do You Remember”, “Stay With Me”, “Believe”, “Off The Record”, “Simple Lover”, and “3.”

The four members of the band have collectively worked as lyricists, composers, and singers on the album.

The same day when AB6IX release Mo Complete, they will also make their comeback showcase live on their global fandom platform ‘UNIVERSEat 7PM KST.

The album cover art for ‘Mo Complete’ was also released on September 13. In the revealed online album artwork, the AB6IX members are seen bringing out their playful sides in bright, colorful suits.


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