A Behind-the-Scenes Look At Kaer Morhen From The Witcher

A new behind-the-scenes film for the second season of Netflix’s smash drama The Witcher has given fans an inside glance at Kaer Morhen’s stronghold. Kaer Morhen is the fortress where Witchers retreat for the winter to recuperate and escape the hatred of the outside world in The Witcher universe.

It’s also where new Witchers are not only trained, but also made, through the absorption of alchemical ingredients that alter the subject’s physiology, known as the Grasses Trial.

Season 2

The first trailer for The Witcher season 2 was published at WitcherCon, and it provides fans a taste of what they may expect when the show returns on December 17th. Netflix has revealed the season 2 episode titles, with the second episode being titled “Kaer Morhen,” hinting that the location will be the main focus of that episode.

In particular, the clip featured Henry Cavill’s Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, and Freya Allan’s Cirilla coming at the fortress in search of shelter and, most likely, beginning Ciri’s training. They’ll meet a number of other Witchers there, including Lambert and Eskel, who are played by Paul Bullion and Basil Eidenbenz, respectively.

Netflix provided an inside peek at the set used for the castle and the work done to bring this legendary location to life in a behind-the-scenes film posted to The Witcher’s official YouTube account. The old fortress of Kaer Morhen is described in the film as a structure that has “seen more than its fair share of danger, with each column and stone telling the story of how Witchers persevered despite the terrible history of a developing Continent.”

The film also gives viewers a closer look at Kaer Morhen’s Armory, Basement Lab, and the sinister medallion tree, which is described as a “looming memorial, where the medallions of dead Witchers have been hung for hundreds of years, a reminder of the brotherhood that links them even in death.”


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